1.      What is http:// and https:// ?

2.      What is the meaning of “Domain name”?

3.      What is the meaning of “website hosting”?

4.      What is the meaning of “Domain hosting”?

5.      What is Blog?

6.      What is the difference between blog & website?

7.      What is affiliate?

8.      What is referral?

9.      What is HTML code?

10.   How to edit website?

11.   How to publish website?

12.   What is the meaning of website publishing?

13.   What is traffic?

14.   How to get traffic on my website?

15.   How to redirect my website through different webdoamin name?

16.   What is website redirecting?

17.   Can i use more than one domain name?

18.   Can i use new domain name for my blog instead of sub domain name?

19.   What is sub domain name?

20.   What is internet marketing?

21.   Where can i get product to sell online?

22.   Which is the method to send or receive payment online?

23.   Which online bank provides good facility to both seller and buyers?

24.   How can i display ad on my website or blog?

25.   Which company provide ad to publish on my website?

26.   How can i display my website or blog on Google search result?

27.   How much time will require building a website?

28.   How much time i require to edit my website?

29.   Is this any limitation for number of pages of website?

30.   How many pages i can make on my website?

31.   What is knoll?

32.   What is wordpress?

33.   Can i make more than one website?

34.   Can i make more than one website with same domain name?

35.   What is the meaning of “link”?

36.   How much money i can earn online?

37.   What is the difference in .com; .co.cc; .in; .org; .net; .biz etc.?

38.   How do i know that, how many people visited my website?

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