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All about building your website
  • MN Newbie Guide - The first steps to success

    A simple easy to read guide to help all new affiliates on there way, once you have read this guide - work your way through the rest of these free guides and get promoting.

    Use all the resources we give you to make as much money as possible, use the forum, the free design service, or contact our specialists. With all this there is no reason why, with some work on your behalf you cannot succeed.

  • How to Get Started - Successfully Launching your First Website

    This guide is an absolute must. Whether you are completely new or a seasoned marketer it will have something for you. A step by step introduction to help you establish your strategy, choosing the right type of site, hosting, gaining oodles of traffic and making lots of sales!.

    There is a wealth of information here to get you started today or improve what you are already doing. The guide takes you from day 1 as a new MoreNiche affiliate through to when you become on of our top converting webmasters. Lets get rolling!

  • Writing effective sales copy - convert your visitors into commissions

    This guide will introduce you to the art of writing effective copy that will give you the best chance of converting your visitor into a sale.

    Discover how to create attention, interest, invoke emotion and create action in the form of sales. This document will also give you some general tips on what helps a site convert like crazy.

  • Duplicate Content - How to avoid penalization by Search Engines

    You may have heard "content is king" on the internet. Well the opposite can be said of duplicate content.

    This guide will show you how to take full advantage of MN's huge content archive and avoid search engines penalizing your site for duplicate articles. Its easier than you think - so step right in!.

  • Rewriting Articles - How to avoid duplicate content

    OK, so we've learned the importance of avoiding duplicate content in your website.

    The following guide is an excellent resource that describes helpful tips to rewrite content quickly and effectively.

  • Formatting articles - How to format your articles for maximum impact

    In this step by step guide you will learn how to transform dry, unformatted articles into more attractive and readable text.

    You really can improve the effectiveness of your pages through effective formatting in a short amount of time, this guide will give you all the right tips.

  • Comparison Charts - How to create effective charts to promote MN products

    Comparison charts are an effective way to compare different products and highlight specific qualities of one product over another.

    As with any marketing technique, there are many approaches to present the information through design, this guide takes you through quite a few

Recruiting your downline
  • Build A Massive Downline - How to win sub-affiliates big time!

    Building a large downline is a sure fire way to earn multiple incremental revenue streams from the webmasters you refer to MoreNiche Affil ate program.

    Discover how to use signatures, forums and effective posting so you continuously make cash bonuses and extra commission. Refer a super affiliate and you can sit back and make money every month for doing nothing at all!

E-book marketing guides
  • E-Book marketing - Using E-Books to make Killer Affiliate Profits

    Multiply your earnings 5 x! A fantastic way to quickly start putting your affiliate links out there straight away - e-books can make you literally thousands every month. Utilize E-bay, P2P networks and double opt in mailing lists to distribute ebooks around the net.

    Use this guide to its full potential and you can generate an ever increasing number of HUGE sales from traffic streams outside you usual affiliate promotions.

  • Nitro PDF - Customizing links in E-Book

    This little guide will show you how you can edit links using a free program called Nitro PDF.

  • NVU Editor Guide - Discover how to easily edit MN web site templates for free

    In MN affiliate resources, we have provided over 100 web site templates for you to download and edit yourself. If you are not ready to invest in a professional web site editor, then we recommend NVU.

    We have made it so easy for you. Just download this free software and install to your PC, and this guide will take you through the simple steps required to edit your web site and get those sales rolling in

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guides
  • Search Engine Optimization - Edit your sites to for better rankings

    This guide helps both novice and advanced website creators get there sites both listed in the search engines and also improve current rankings.

    If you struggle with any of the terminology used here you can talk to us directly via the forum or the staff booking system.

  • Web strategy - how to multiply your sales 10 times

    You should treat affiliate marketing as your own business. The key to success is a well thought out and potent strategy to dominate your market sector.

    This guide will give you all the information you need to expand your market share and capture more web traffic than ever before. More traffic means more sales!.

  • SEO Made Easy - Brad Cullen shares more knowledge on SEO

    This guy is an authority on SEO techniques. Luckily for us, he has kindly sang like a little sing bird and given up a lot of the best techniques for optimizing your sites.

    Get your site listed in Google in less than 24 hrs, hit the number 1 spot, and much more. Read on....

  • Link Strategy - Increase your revenue through effective linking

    Links are the most important element after content on the internet! Why? Because this is how the internet world is tied together – through links.

    This guide will explain key factors about links and how to use them in the right way for acquiring good rankings in search engines.

  • Meta Tag Optimization - What are these Meta Tags all about?

    This guide helps both novice and advanced website creators in editing your Meta Tags to get the best out of visiting search engines, this also means you will potentially achieve a higher ranking in the search engine listings.

    You can also get listed with the correct keywords and descriptions to attract the correct visitors. This guide also shows you other clever things you can put into your meta tags which will help with getting search engines back to visit your sites or add other information that some people are not aware off.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Guides
  • AdWords Made Easy - Learn how to get the most out of Adwords

    Pay per click traffic is a swift and effective way of promoting your site and targeting buyers

    This guide from Brad Callen is an excellent introduction to PPC advertising to get you on your way. You can start promoting with PPC and our feeder site facility today.

Technical guides and tutorials
  • Hiding Links - How to Hide Linking code from SE's and surfers

    Ok, we're getting a little deeper now.......

    This guide provides solutions on how to hide affiliate links. There are a number of benefits to doing this; the following guide will take you through some of the available options and the associated advantages

  • MN Feeder Site Guide - Do you want to promote sites that converts?

    We have gone one better than any other affiliate program once again and now offer our affiliates pre-built feeder site to promote, these site convert at rates as low as 1/20 and this means that you don't even need to design a website to start promoting MoreNiche sites.

    These sites are proven to convert, we deal with the hosting and the bandwidth costs, we keep them converting and we update the content daily. All you need to do is add the unique linking code into your existing sites or your PPC campaigns.

  • Campaign Tracking - How to track keyword campaigns or different pages

    This guide helps both novice and advanced website creators setup campaign linking code, perfect for people who want to track advertising, or see how well certain areas of one site convert or even how well individual sites convert if you have a large network of sites.

    This is a must if you run Pay Per Click campaigns (outlines above) so you can track just how well certain keywords convert over other keywords, this will help you have money and increase your Return On Investment.

  • How To Make Screenshots - How to create effective screenshots

    This article explains how to create screenshots and resize them.

    Screenshots have many benefits. They visually enrich the article or the review page and familiarize visitors with the website they are about to visit.