Learn step by step, How To increase Numbers of Referrals under you.

Step 1: Personalize your Referral URL into a new look.

When people see your referral link most of them avoid clicking
and do not sign up, so instead of your original Referral link show
them your own new website address.
If your link is: http://tinyurl.com/referrerd-xxxxxxxx

It can convert and become like: http://yourname.co.cc

Its look more reliable and people just click on it to visit it like
a new website and they redirect on 365online

See How:

Visit 365online: http://365onlineinfo.co.cc
and see at main menu " FREE Domain name " of website, type there your name
or whatever you want (Note: Don’t write any famous name like
Google, yahoo it will make cost for you) and click for checking Availability
if name is available it’s allotted to you. You can make 4 to 5 different name so that
you can post different link with different post. We recommend that make at least 4.

*this service is free and it’s provided by our partner company, so after
Click on checking availability it will redirect you to their site and you have to
Register for new account it’s FREE and takes 2 minutes.

NOTE: while you register new domain name you need following details

Choose: only redirect and show original URL

Website name: 365online
Website URL: type your referral URL
Keywords: 365online, add link, add url, affiliate money, banking365, best free website, community referral, design free website
Description: Earn money online as steady income for life time and also get FREE professional website and email ids, register today.

Step 2: Add your link on Facebook and Twitter.

As many of you have already noticed, Facebook
and Twitter is most popular social network.

Now, when you post something on Facebook
and Twitter lots of people can notice it and also follow it,
it will automatically increase your referral number and
Chance to win.

The best thing is - you can post your link to people come
across all over the world so you can get more people to sign up under you.

Don’t forget to add your Referral URL on every posts

Step 3: Make posts about "365online"

Get the word out about 365online and win LAPTOP and IPHONE!

The easiest way to do that is to make regular postings
about 365online using Twitter, Squidoo, Blogger and Facebook.

Make sure your posts say something about 365online to
make people curious enough to click on your post.

You could share with them a great experience you've had,
or some benefits of using 365online. Don't just TELL people to
sign up - people get this all the time and it gets boring. Be
creative with your posts!

For example:

"I've got Free website and Domain name from 365online - love it!"


"365online - it rocks so much it's ridiculous!"


"I hear the entire coolest prize like Laptop's and IPHONEs are on 365online - are YOU?"

When you are posting direct on Twitter, Squidoo, Blogger and Facebook, include your
365online referral link


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