*you must have to complete all the steps for validate offer, go step by step.

Join and earn more and get your free debit card also....

They offers free debit card. You can use this for paypal verification. This is prepaid debit card.

First go to www.paypal.com

and register there for a premier account

Next go to the registration page click here

Please follow these steps:- 

1. First you need to register click here 

  (Click "Join now!" on that page).

2. Fill the Registration Form .

3. Then Log off / Sign out your account.

4. Again 
click here

and Click "Affiliates" on the top of that page.

 5. There you can see the topic “Affiliate program options”. You have to sign-up   under option 1(per member payout)...Click the “Affiliate sign-up” icon in the Option 1 and start fill the form.

6. For URL Leave it Blank, For business tax classification Leave it Blank, Tax ID leave it blank.

7. Phone number. use the format they requesting, it’s like this (your country id)(your city code)(your number).

8. Use Passport , choose NO.

9. Your comment , just put anything. Accept the agreement, etc etc, and click Submit..

10. Now you create the account. Now lo-gin again using your Affiliate GPID: and password(which they send you via Email). After logging in Click “Account Information” , At the top you see the link like this: “Click here to update your information”.
11. There is a option here named Use Payoneer. You select yes and below you see the link to sign-up for free debit card.
Click  that Payoneer Sign-up to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard®.You will be directed to a FriendFinder page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card.

12. finish the final sign up process and You will need to wait for 2 working days + delivery days.

13. For sign-up a debit card you will need your driving license number,election card etc..(any one)


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